Our Mission Statement is as follows:
“To provide a quality community theater offering people of all ages the opportunity to learn and participate in every aspect of the performing arts while being dedicated to excellence in affordable live theater and family entertainment.”


Sanford Maine Stage Company is led by an executive team. They oversee maintenance, business management and artistic decisions.

Sanford Maine Stage (SMS) has a strong community base. We believe theater is an important art form and it belongs in Sanford/Springvale and the surrounding communities. Over the years we have contributed frequently to these communities. SMS has held several charitable benefits over the past ten years. The proceeds of which have benefited:

  • Autism Research
  • Cancer Research
  • Caring Unlimited – a shelter for battered women
  • Distribution of food baskets at Thanksgiving to underprivileged families
  • The Goodall Library Literacy Project
  • The Heart Foundation
  • Make a Wish Foundation
  • Odyssey of the Mind
  • Project Graduation – a program to keep high school graduation safe in Sanford

SMS is particularly active in supporting youth and exposing them to the theater arts. We actively involve high school and college students in our productions. We have a strong “Children’s theater” program each summer that introduces youngsters to the fundamentals of theater. Because of our involvement with young people and our awareness of the creative process, SMS has a firm drug-free policy that is strictly enforced in the theater.

SMS also continues to work with area businesses in building community relations. We believe in giving back to the community where we live and working with the community and businesses to build a better foundation for the performing arts.

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